Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Beginnings and Endings

It seems like everything happens in one night. I guess it is true sometimes. Tonight was Andrew's first night of soccer. In fact, this is his first soccer team. After school, I took him to buy shin guards and cleats. He is excited to start the season. He signed up with James, a friend from church, and ended up knowing a few of the other boys on the team as well. They are the Lime Green team and get their uniforms on Thursday. Andrew had a great time and is already learning a lot about soccer. He has good instincts. Go Lime Green!

We had to leave soccer practice 10 minutes early to make it to Emily's last band concert. Andrew and I walked in just as they were finishing their first song. I am always impressed with our school's fifth grade band. They put on a great show and even had some audience participation. Andrew was chosen to accompany the band during one of the songs. I think he got to hit an ice-cream bucket with a spoon. It was hard to tell, because he played the entire song with his back to the audience. Good stuff : ). Band has been a great experience with great friends. Emily has practiced her flute diligently all year. Now that fifth grade band is ending, she is looking forward to middle school band. We are both happy that next year, big band will be during the school day and not at 7:20 in the morning.


Holly said...

I am so impressed that you already blogged about last night! I just wrote a post trying to update on the past 4 months of our lives.

Louise said...

I think you must be mistaken, Emily cannot possibly be in middle school already. And yay Emily! How have I not heard her play her flute?!

Julie W said...

Justin's first and last concert is tonight. I can't wait to hear what they have learned. I think.