Friday, April 29, 2011


I have a first grader. That means at some point in the school year he gets to go to the Children's Theater. This is one of my FAVORITE field trips. I remember going to see the Secret Garden at the Children's Theater when I was in elementary school. I loved it. I can still remember where we sat in the theater. I am so happy my kids get to take this same trip. At our school, they have a lottery to decide who gets to chaperone. I did not get to go with Ryan's class. They went to see Aladdin. I heard it was a wonderful show.
I did get to see The BFG with Emily's class. It was a wonderful show. Of course the kids (Ok, I laughed too : ) loved the part with the bubbly water when the bubbles go down instead of instead of burping the gas escapes out a different way. Do you remember that part of the story?

Anyway, this year I volunteered to go with Andrew's class (his teacher actually had told me that she wanted me to go with the class, so when I volunteered I pretty much knew I would get to go). I took a day off from student teaching and jumped on the bus with Andrew. The bus is not my favorite place to be, but luckily I had a deck of cards in my purse and we were able to play War the whole way to the play...Andrew won. When he wasn't looking, I slipped him almost all my cards or else we would still be playing-war is a long game!We went to see Annie. Even though I cannot carry a tune, I did go through a phase during my childhood in which I wanted to be Annie in a play or movie. So, today I was quietly singing along to all the songs. We had so much fun! I love Andrew's class. I love the Children's Theater and I love Annie. I thought the production was really well done. Most important: the kids were happy. At one point I looked over to the two girls I was supposed to be watching. Then I looked over to Andrew. They were each curled up in their big chair fascinated by the stage. I was hit by their smallness. I know these kiddos are getting bigger by the day...but they are still little too. I love first graders!After the show, we had lunch at Andrew's desk. Then I decided to sign him out early for the afternoon. Doesn't he look thrilled? He loves it when I take his picture in his classroom!


Cynthia said...

You are such a fun mom. I never go on field trips with my kids. I use the excuse that I always have a younger kid or am pregnant, but really I could swing it if I wanted to. Andrew is lucky to have such an awesome, involved mom. And he is looking more like Erik lately! He has always been such a little mini-me of you.

Julie W said...

Yeah! I remember the Secret Garden too! Glad you got to go.

Louise said...

Tonight I am commenting on all your posts. I am so excited for field trips with the girls! My Mum would never come and I thought it would be so fun if she did. Until I was 13 and then I was fine with it ;-) Looked like fun!