Monday, September 26, 2011

Apple Valley Campout 2011

Once a year we "go" camping. We don't actually go anywhere...just the back yard. We had a busy summer and we missed our chance..or so I thought. The kids had other plans. We looked at the weather for this past weekend and decided it was now or never. The kids chose now. I am glad that they wanted to do it. Erik dragged the tent up and the kids help set it up. We played around in the backyard all afternoon.They had so much fun spending time together. No TV or computer screens, just good outside fun. The weather was perfect and the bugs were gone. Everyone was just enjoying themselves.
We kind-of rediscovered the swings and the trampoline.
Ry even tamed the local wildlife.
Believe me that is not easy to do. I have been trying for about a year now!

We had a warm campfire going all afternoon.
As the sun went down, we cooked hot dogs over the fire.
Once the sun had set, we had our s'mores and circle stories. This year the stories were especially funny...because Dumbledor kept showing up in the stories without any pants have to be a fan of Potter Puppetpals to truly understand this humor.As you can see, Andrew is a fan of the Potter Puppetpals.
Inside the tent was fun too. We fit five kids..two of our neighbors joined us..andONE adult. For the record, I slept in the tent and Erik slept inside. This was not the first year that this has happened either. I guess that's what I get, because I am always the first to fall asleep!
Andrew did wake up the next morning and said, "Next time dad needs to sleep in the tent, just for the experience." I agree :) Now I am going to let you each in on the secret to camping with five kids on a chilly fall night.Lots of couch cushions and a big extension cord to power the heater and the portable DVD player!


Lori said...

I LOVE IT! Nothing says camping like a heater and dvd player :)

Carol said...

Wow, it looks like you guys had such a great time!!

My kids love the "Potter Puppet Pals" too! It's so funny the stuff they find on YouTube. Now they're totally hooked on "Battle for Dream Island" -- I don't know if your kids have found that one yet...