Saturday, September 17, 2011

Andrew Night

Last night was Andrew's night. Emily was gone to a party and Ry was camping with his scout troop. So Andrew was in charge. We could go anywhere, do anything.

He decided that Erik should go and get treats (Nacho cheese Doritos, chocolate and popcorn) and Andrew and I got to go out to the back yard and swing while we wait for him to return.

I loved the chance to swing side by side with Andrew and just listen to this incredible child.
He told me his favorite class was art, because that's when he can let his imagination go wild!

We also talked about how his kindergarten and first grade teacher (the same person) would always say, "the sky's the limit" when introducing project. That always made him want to build a tower as tall as the sky and see what she would say.

At one point he asked if I thought we were going high. I told him that I thought that we were going super high. Then he says, "Quick close your eyes, it feels just like flying! I do it every day at recess."

As we were walking in the house to play Guess Who 2, he asks, "Aren't you glad it is Andrew night? I am choosing such fun activities!" Erik got back and we played Castle Keep, ate our treats and watched Avatar episodes.

I loved my Andrew Night. I can't wait for the next one.

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Lori said...

I can't wait for the "Cathy and Lori Night". Shoot, I'll even take the "Cathy, Lori, and Louise Afternoon". Make it happen, please and thank you :)