Friday, September 16, 2011

What's Missing?

Do you notice anything missing from this picture?
It is a picture of the front of our house. Does that help? If you look at the roof line you might be able to notice...No old black yucky spider webs! (Man it is almost Halloween too...the one time of year my spiderwebs were socially acceptable...oh well)

After living in this house for over 8 years we finally got our house repainted. Fresh, clean and a new color. I like it. I also like that we did NOT do it ourselves!

Actually there is something else missing too. I won't make you guess. It is our green glitter glue glob. We moved into the house and about two months later, Andrew was born. My parents helped little Emily and little Ryan make a Welcome Home sign for us. Evidently, they put the sign up before the glitter glue was completely dry. The green glitter glue dripped down onto the windowsill. We never cleaned it up (that's how we roll around here). The glue sat on our front window trim for years cooking in the sun, and freezing in the winter.

Fast forward about five years, and a very enthusiastic cleaning supply salesman comes to my door. He is excitedly explaining to me all the amazing things his product can clean. He tells me that it can clean anything. Not wanting to say no (I feel mean saying NO, even when I don't want to buy whatever they are selling), I tell him that if he can clean the glue off the front window, I will buy his product. He happily agrees, probably thinking this was going to be a quick sale. I show him the spot. He starts spraying and wiping. After a bit, he turns to me and says, "this is NOT Jesus in a bottle" and leaves. The glitter glue drip got to stay at least another three years pretty much undisturbed.

Yesterday, as the painter was preparing the window trim for new paint, I told him the story and said good-bye to my glitter glue drip.


The Zenn family said...

Cute story! I like the color.

Julie W said...

Love the tale of the glitter glue. We get those guys selling the cleaner too.