Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas and the Zoo

We had a wonderful Christmas day (which I will write more about later). Happy faces are still smiling around here. We have started a very relaxing week. On Tuesday to break up the day of video games for the boys and to give Em and her friend something to do, I decided to take the kids to the MN zoo. When they were younger, we went all the time. It was in our rotation of fun places to go, along with the Children's Museum. We haven't gone back to the zoo (or Children's Museum) in a long time. It was fun to return to our old stomping grounds (which are literally two minutes from our home). So much has changed.We made friends with the new (to us) Penguins. They are so cute and the helpful zoo volunteer explained (as two penguins sneaked off into the cave) that the penguins only recently have been allowed to "nest."
We also saw some old friends.The gibbons and the flamingos have always been our favorites. I even remember them from field trips as a child. In the Discovery Bay, we enjoyed the dolphins, sharks and other big water animals, but the small aquariums were just as cool. The sea dragons were magical looking and who doesn't love a sea horse?
Also, we made a discovery on the Minnesota Trail. Totoro has a twin at the zoo. Can you tell which is which?OK, isn't that hard to tell them apart, but if I brought a white wolf into my home and sat him on our couch (which even Totoro is not supposed to be doing!), you would never be able to tell them apart.

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Julie W said...

If they had couches in the zoo I would have had a hard time telling them apart :)