Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Dreaded Field Trip

As you know, I grew up around here. I experienced a lot of what my kids are experiencing. The hope for a snow day (usually disappointed-curse those snow plows), the fun parks, malls, lakes etc. When it comes to field trips they are going on the same trips. There are the trips to the zoo, the Children's Theater, the Science Museum, Children's Museum and skiing. Today was Ry's trip to Orchestra Hall downtown.
I am about to let you all in on a little secret....I really do not enjoy Orchestra Hall. The music does not relax, entertain or inspire me at all. I remember dreading this field trip as a child. I remember staring at the hall counting the bumpy things, waiting for it to be over. I remember trying to picture what kind of cartoon they would put the different music to...anything to help me enjoy this trip as a child.
Yep, those are the bumpy things I stared at as a child.

When I showed up at the school this morning, I walked in with another chaperon-mom. She just kept going on and on about how excited she was about the trip. That she was excited about ANYTHING music. I just smiled and said I hoped it would be a good time. I was slightly ashamed at my attitude. I then distanced myself from the her. :)

I will say that the concert seemed to showcase the instruments more than I remembered. Lets face it, educators know how to teach/entertain children better now. Programs have improved. I enjoyed the musicians walking in as they played their parts. I enjoyed the big screen that helped the audience see the different instruments. I also think that they condensed the show. That all helps. But, tie a big bow around it and dip it in is still classical music (Maybe if they played Hooked on Classics or ABBA I would respond more positively).
Bottom line: I'm not a musical person. Are you guys ready to hear another shocker? Even a practice hymn at church can make me antsy and uncomfortable (that's a different post though).

Ryan asked me if I enjoyed the field trip. I can honestly say I enjoyed the trip because I was with my guy. He was happy I went and that is what is important, right? I would go again in a heart beat, but next time let's hit the Children's theater.


Carol said...

lol, I can totally relate. The cubes all over the ceiling are kind of fun, but I completely remember trying to like this as a kid. I even bought a "Peter and the Wolf" C.D. as an adult (for my kids) on the off chance that maybe it was my own childhood deficiency, and my kids would love it. Sadly, no.

OTOH, you can't beat the Science Museum or the kiddie ski-trip! :D

Scrappycook said...

When do the kids get to do this trip?! Max just went to the zoo this week but for me, this sounds way cooler(maybe not to Max!).

Cathy said...

Just so everyone understands...Ryan really liked the concert.

Julie W said...

I actually enjoyed those fieldtrips. And I have a husband willing to take me to the symphony every once in a while.

You are a good mom to put aside your feelings and support Ryan in school.

Unfortunately due to budget cutback all the spring fieldtrips were canceled here in Utah (at least our district)