Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Girls and their dolls

Growing up I LOVED my Cabbage Patch kid. In fact, I can remember getting my first CP kid. He was a bald preemie and his name was Brett Elliot. I had all the CP accessories to help me care for my baby. In fact, most moms my age seem to have a Cabbage Patch kid memory and/or love.
For Em and her friends it is a love for American Girl dolls. Emily was lucky enough to inherit Molly and Kit from her cousin Lauren. She then acquired Samantha from our baby sitter. She has received a Bitty baby for Christmas and Bitty twins for her birthday. Basically she is set for dolls. She LOVES them. Life was good when they opened an American Girl store at the Mall of America.
Today was our neighbor Lauren's birthday. Her mother Kristin and I thought it would be fun to take the girls out of school and go to the AG store. It is such an amazing store.
The Bistro was fun. The dolls even got their own drink and dessert.
Molly got her hair done. The poor doll's braids were completely falling out

It was fun to dream about things to buy for our dolls and ourselves. Emily now wants to get her hair cut like Kit's hair and wear the outfit.
Look at these eyes...Kristin how do you stay strong with those puppy eyes? I would crack. At one point they had a friendly worker passing out oatmeal cookies. Here's a tip: if ever offered a cookie at the American Girl doll store say YES immediately. We spent about 3.5 hours there. It was a fun afternoon. I loved my time with Em and our neighbors.


Maren said...

Sounds like doll heaven. I can't believe they have a bistro in there. I recently watched the movie about "Kit" based on this doll - it was very cute. Does Emily watch this movie? I am so clueless on the whole American Girl scene. I guess it comes from having boys.
I am loving all your posts and feeling like an uninspired blogger these days. I guess I will just keep posting long comments on other people's blogs, because I am not feeling like writing on my own.

Holly said...

So fun! Emma has so many AG dolls I am embarrassed to admit how many, but they are sooo much better than a lot of the stuff for girls today. And they are so well made and classic they can be passed down to her own children. Consider it an investment, right? :)