Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Ocarina is a real instrument

Ok, so I have established that I am NOT musical. Guess what? This is the week of music for Ryan. Yesterday was orchestra hall, today was going to the high school for a band concert and tomorrow is the deadline to sign up for band.

Last year, the music teacher at Ryan's school started the students on the recorders. They started reading notes and playing catchy tunes.
Ry loves his recorder. Click here for a fun video of Ry's recorder talent.

Newsflash: Ryan also loves video games. Yes, the two subjects are related. Ryan really enjoys Zelda games. He has been working on the game Legend of Zelda: the Ocarina of Time. I guess the character Link plays an Ocarina that controls time and weather.
I thought they made up the instrument for the game. Guess is a real instrument. Ryan ordered one from Amazon. He has been obsessed with it ever since the order was placed. We kept telling him that it was not coming until spring break. It came early.
He is constantly playing this thing. He has figured out a few of the songs that Link plays and he repeats them over and over again. Yesterday he played it outside so the people working on the neighbor's house could have some pretty music (isn't that thoughtful?). Today he took it to school. His teacher told me the class really enjoyed the Ocarina today. His music teacher (she is an amazing teacher) gave him a fingering chart for it and Emily told me that Ryan played it the whole way home on the bus. Lucky driver.
He just might have some music in him despite me : )


Scrappycook said...

I have really, really bad memories of my sister Heather renting a violin as her instrument to learn in school. It was painful to be in the house whenever she practiced. I have a low tolerance for excess noise!

Julie W said...

I won't tell my son because he would think that was so cool. He loves playing Zelda. I can't stand that sound though, it would have to be an outside toy or an up in your room with door closed and ear plugs in my ears toy.