Monday, March 16, 2009

Early spring

*Lori...this post could be a preview of spring break. Can the girls still come over?

One of my favorite sights is melting snow in the early Spring. The streams running down the sides of the street make me happy. I love them!
This does not mean the snow is done falling...but it is a beginning. All this snow melt causes squishy ground. Another fun part of spring. It is MUDDY out there.
Here is exhibit #1. Under our swing set in the back yard.
Look it is flip flop weather AND snow boot weather. What a special state : )
Emily and her friends are always attracted to the mud. Maria and Emily were entertained by the mud for a few hours today.
Now I have a mud bakery on my picnic table.
These hands are not afraid of a little (or a lot) of dirt.
It's all good. Somehow they get clean. Amazingly, so will the tub as soon as Erik gets home.

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Lori said...

LOVE IT! Better on your clock, than on mine... the girls will be thrilled!