Sunday, February 7, 2010

Don't Hibernate, Celebrate!!

It is winter time still. The snow has been falling pretty consistently throughout the month. Except for the occasional tubing outing, my impulse is to stay indoors by the fire, drink hot chocolate and hide myself in layers. BUT other people I hang around with have other ideas, so..our neighbors alerted us to the fact that it was time for the Apple Valley Mid-winter fest. I am so glad they did.

It was a two day celebration of winter. Its purpose is to To make citizens aware of the winter recreational activities available in Apple Valley and give them a mid-winter boost via participation in a special winter oriented program. Personally, I think they succeeded.

Day 1: consisted of magic shows, bingo (I LOVE BINGO!!), jumpers, face painting, coloring contests, wii bowling tournament and other fun things at the community center. Andrew and Erik each won bingo rounds and Emily won a puzzle contest. Andrew did really well in the wii bowling tournament (he got one less than the high score). Andrew also put in about 1000 bounces in the jumpers.

Day 2: there was cross-country skiing, snow shoeing, tubing, fire pit with s'mores/hot dogs, and horse drawn trailer rides. We participated in the s'mores and hot chocolate part
Emily tried some snow shoeing
But, I think she enjoyed the s'more part more.
We all took a fun ride on the horse wagon ride through the golf course.
We decided we had our "mid-winter boost" and didn't last as long on the second was COLD and the wind picked up and we are not insane...


Lori said...

I'm a bear and NEED to hibernate during this season ;)

Erekson's said...

so much fun what a great attitude to have. Winter can be a drag but who needs it when you can play and play! Good thing I just had a baby so I can stay in on the cold days.

waldo said...

Great composure on this picture, Cathy ... and it looks like a lot of fun!