Friday, February 26, 2010

Ski trip

It is time for the fourth grade ski field trip!
While I was stuck in a lecture hall busy taking notes, Erik and Emily got to go skiing. I can't complain, I got to go last year AND now I know about what Vygotski and others have to say about language development in toddlers (lucky me)!
It is so great that Em's school exposes the students to so many fun experiences. On the ski trip, the fourth graders have to go through a series of stations. At each station they master a basic ski skill. They learn stopping, skating, snow-plow and other essential ski skills. The last station is the ski lift.I know that Em was nervous about that part, but I am told she soon got over it and LOVED the ski lift.At one point, Emily got on the ski lift and clicked her skis together to get the snow off. Unfortunately, the ski fell off. Luckily, it was still at the bottom of the hill and the clever ski lift operator just sent it up with the person behind her. Erik says that Emily picked up down hill skiing pretty fast. Em even went down a black diamond. Nice! They stayed for 7 hours and had a WONDERFUL time. We are excited to take these guys back and try again. Then I can go too : )


Cynthia said...

But did she have as exciting a black diamond experience as you did back in college?!?!! That is the question.

amyg said...

So fun that your kids get to do stuff like that in school! Super exciting. I won't be telling my children about this because I don't think I can handle the whining that would come as a result.