Monday, February 15, 2010

Something New..

There was no school today. This usually means we would sit at home playing video games and watching TV all day. But instead, Grandma and Grandpa invited us to try something new. We got to go cross-country skiing with them. After saying good-bye to Lauri and Joe this morning at the airport, we went over to Highland Hills park. We were able to rent skis there, so we could gain some experience before we buy skis of our own (of course if we do, it would be from our beloved Craig's list).Actually this was the kiddos second time on cross-country skis. I missed the first trip last week. I am told that they have improved a bunch in just two trips. I thought they did great today.
The park has a wonderful short loop to learn practice on. The kids are already getting familiar with the hills and turns on this trail.Andrew loves this sport. He really enjoyed telling me all the secrets he has learned to be a successful skier...he talks non-stop on the trail. He kept telling me how to go down the hills with my knees bent and not to cross my skis. He was determined to not fall down as much this time. It is seriously the cutest thing to watch him learn to ski. Andrew and Grandma went around the shorter loop twice. Grandpa and Emily took a longer trail and the shorter trail. Now we want to try some of the trails near our home. It is crazy that we have lived so near Lebanon hills park and never have ventured in...maybe this is our year.


Maren said...

This looks a whole lot like shots I have been watching on TV of the cross country skiing at the Vancouver Olympics. I can just see these photos in a montage about Andrew as he goes for gold in the Nordic Combined event in the 2026 Olympics! Go Andrew!

Julie W said...

Looks like a fun adventure. That's fun that Andrew is sharing all his knowledge with you. It's amazing what the can pick up when they are interested. That is something I've been wanting to do for a while. I need to pick a day and just do it or it will never happen. I remember the field trip back in elementary school.

Holly Thatcher said...

I have never skied in my life, but after reading this I feel like I could almost do it. :)