Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Shadow is here to stay-for a while

Emily and Erik started a pet sitting business a few months ago.
So, when given the opportunity to watch Shadow the cat, Emily excitedly said yes. Shadow needs a place to stay for 4 weeks? Even better! Shadow is HUGE cat. Yes, he is fluffy, but the kicker is that under the fluff is a seriously huge solid cat! He his 18 pounds.His first day was an adjustment. Shadow did not enjoy the relocation...and let us know with some serious hissing. After an afternoon of upset cat, he settled down. Emily has gotten him to purr a bunch. Now he is a very happy kitty. We are happy he's here.
He is venturing out of Em's room and seeking out love and attention. He is even tolerating Ashley (our dog) although Shadow is keeping his distance. Ashley is curious and ready to be friends as soon as Shadow is ready. I predict a good cat/dog friendship in a few days.Marlin, on the other hand, is taking an I am not going to acknowledge this cat and maybe he will go away approach.


電信 said...
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Lori said...

Love it! It is amazing how you can give pets personality. Then they aren't just fur-balls that drive me crazy with allergies ;)

Louise said...

18 pounds! Wow! I think Fiona was almost a year old before she hit 18 pounds. That's one huge cat!