Saturday, April 23, 2011

The lovely Easter Egg

It's Easter weekend. We are going to ignore the fact that is snowed earlier in the week and focus on the fact that it is Spring and the Easter season. We had a wonderful beginning to this fun holiday.

This afternoon some friends met at the park. We had an Easter egg hunt. Even though it was cold, the kiddos had a great time!!Can you find Emily, Andrew and Ry? They are the happy ones. Oh wait, they all look pretty happy. The kids had a great time finding eggs in trees, around the playground, near rocks, up on walls and even in the Frisbee golf stations. Afterwords, they got a chance to open the eggs and see what was inside. They found stickers, candies and even Play-doh. Good times. I hope we do that again next year (only hopefully it will be warmer)!

Right after the Easter egg hunt, we went over to my parents' house for our traditional Easter egg decorating party. Erik has taught us all the joys of decorating many Easter Eggs. We take Easter egg decorating very seriously in our family. We decorated six DOZEN eggs. The colors were beautiful! The stickers were fun and the shrink wraps were cool. This year, Em decided to put her name on each and everyone of her eggs. Does that mean she has to eat all of them too? Even my aunt Gail got into the decorating! The Easter bunny is going to be busy hiding all these bad boys tonight!

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Lori said...

Traditions are great, I love the 6 dozen Easter eggs. Don't wear the Easter Bunny out so bad that he doesn't have energy to hide eggs at our house :)