Saturday, April 2, 2011

What's that noise?

I opened a kitchen window, and I heard a sound today that I have not heard in months. It was the happy sound of brothers playing outside. I had to investigate. When I got to the path, I found this..
Boys on scooters planning to take a trip to their clubhouse, both happy to be back on wheels. After a few minutes, they made their way to the trampoline. Which incidentally is one of Totoro's favorite places to play. All three of them were having fun jumping, running and throwing sticks and a tennis ball. I actually heard Andrew say, "this is better than video games." must be good out there. It is amazing what sun and a little warmth can do!


Lori said...

Yeah for Spring! If it can beat video games and gets you a little exercise and fresh know it HAS to be good.

Kadbury said...

Ahh... the sound of children playing outside. I'm working on weaning Belle off the Wii so she'll remember what it's like to play outdoors ; )