Sunday, April 24, 2011

The hunt

Here is how the hunt goes down at our house. The Easter bunny hides the eggs that we decorated the night before...He sets up three different hunts. It is very exciting. This year, he had the added challenge of hiding eggs in Emily's room while she was sleeping. We have a very sneaky Easter Bunny.
Emily found all 19 eggs in her room. Some were in pretty tricky spots. Good job Em!Ryan had 24 eggs hidden all over the dining room. Nutmeg even had one in her cage!
Andrew found all 22 of his eggs in the living room. They were all over the place..behind picture frames, in couches and under toys. The bunny could not fool him!


Lori said...

How fun!

Louise said...

This year I was going to do an egg hunt with plastic eggs with little candies inside, but Ben got up with Fiona and just gave her the sack of eggs (no candy in them yet) to play with. LAME. But at least I got to sleep in!