Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Kid

Three, um I mean four, of Andrew's most common quotes:
1. When asked anything at all he always answers "Isn't it obvious?" We can ask what is his favorite cartoon or what does he want to eat. The answer is always "isn't it obvious?"
2. Randomly throughout the day, in the middle of church, while we are driving down the street he will ask, "So, what do you want to do?"
3. "I'm hungry." This kid is in the 25% for weight, and yet he eats ALL the time. He is often known to eat a bunch and then say he's hungry. I then point out he just ate. He will always say "I'm thirsty I mean..Isn't it obvious?"
4. "Mommy, I love you" (at least 20 times a day, not that I am complaining)


Aryn said...

Great post, Cathy! This made me smile.

Cynthia said...

He is so funny! And such a cutie. I'm glad you wrote these quotes down. I need to be better about writing down the funny things my kids say.