Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The blog is a year old today

You'll notice I skipped right over Erik's birthday and even my own birthday...but I cannot skip over my blog's start date. I have been keeping this blog for one whole year now. I am so glad that I have. This year we have had birthday parties, a baptism, been in a wedding, taken trips, spent tons of time with family and friends, we have gotten through scary medical issues, started school, gotten new jobs, had a baby (ok I didn't have the baby but Fiona was born) and even cleaned the house once or twice. I am so happy that you guys have been able to be part of it all. My next step is putting this puppy into a book format...you know for bedtime reading. This is good stuff. : )

So today is going to be a random thought day.
My first random thought is Fiona is a beautiful child.
Every year we get this witch scene out. I made the witch with my students at Sunset Elementary in Provo. This year she is on one of the shelves in the basement.
Mario Dance Dance was made for rainy days like today. Emily spent this afternoon perfecting her dance skills.


Cynthia said...

Happy Blog Birthday! I have enjoyed reading your blog for a whole year, and I hope you continue to do it for many years to come. I love feeling like I'm part of your everyday life. Way to go Cath! Oh, and Ben has the exact same Bumbo seat. Love it. We should get him and Fiona together in a few years...

Scrappycook said...

Happy Birthday to your blog! I love knowing I have recorded our daily lives on my blog! Let me know how your book comes out - I want to order some as well!

John Hamer said...

Happy birthday AppleValleyMom&KiddosToo --- I love being able to keep in touch with you & the family by reading your blog. Congrats on reaching the 1 year mark. Our own blog is experiencing technical difficulties and I need to set up one using standard technology like this one.

Sorry that I missed all of the September birthdays --- things were crazy in advance of our conference. But all went well. I hope to see you folks some time in the next couple of months.

Jessica said...

Happy Happy Birthday to your blog and you and Erik, somewhat belated! I really enjoy reading your blog and having a peek into your beautiful family's life! Please say hello to all of your family from me. Next time I'm in MN I would love for our families to get together!

Jessica (Keck) Faddis