Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Fall Olympics

The seasons are changing out here. The colors have been amazing. We have a ton of trees in our back the spring we enjoy watching the leaves start to grow, in the summer we enjoy the super shady back yard. Now in the fall, we get to make HUGE leaf piles grab the ladder and start jumping. I am using the term "we" loosely...I cannot take any credit for raking thus far in the season. I mean seriously, pictures just don't take themselves now do they? Oh wait, I think that they can...moving on.

Welcome to the Apple Valley Leaf Jumping Event
Andrew scores a perfect 10 for this fearless jump
Ryan executes a perfect belly flop. Nicely done Ry!
Emily's perfect arm extension shows that she is experienced in this event.

Erik's cross training has paid off. This freestyle jump is going down in the history books.

I think we would represent the USA really well in the Fall Olympics.


Scrappycook said...

Good Grief! Those are a lot of leaves!! We used to do the same thing growing up in Vermont. Unfortunate, we have no leaves in our yard here - the trees are still growing!

Cynthia said...

Very impressive pile of leaves. You must have a LOT of trees to get that many. My favorite part is the "enthusiastic" expression on Erik's face as he held the ladder in each of the kids' shots.

Holly said...

Hi Cathy! I meant to tell you when I saw you at Target, I started reading your blog (I found it through Rochelle). It's cute and you are a good writer. And you're right--someone has to take the pictures. ;)

I have a blog too if you're interested:

Aryn said...

Great fall post, Cathy. I feel like I really get to know your kids through your posts, I love it.

Aryn said...

Oh yeah, and your single readers would like more pictures of your half-naked husband... (hee hee).

Tiffany said...

I like Erik's form...he missed his calling in life!