Sunday, January 18, 2009

#1 Household rule is broken!!

I'm not sure where to start the story. Do I start with the birth of my extremely social daughter or further back into my childhood when I developed an extremely irrational fear of things freely and secretly crawling around in my house? (and apparently hair brushes)
I think it might be best to start last year when my dear husband brought Alice into our home. That is the day I set the #1 Rule in our home: IF YOU MUST HAVE ALICE OUT YOU MUST NOT PUT HER DOWN. WHEN YOU ARE DONE WITH HER PUT HER IN HER CAGE WITH THE LID SAFELY CLIPPED ON TIGHT.
The rule was broken tonight. Of course it had to happen when Erik was out of town. Em had her new friend over. They were playing with Alice in the crawl space. Yes-the dark attic-like room with boxes everywhere. Basically a snake's amusement park. They put her in a shallow tub and put a towel over the top and quickly forgot about her.
I was happily up stairs talking to Cynth on the phone. I hear screams from downstairs. I hang up and run to see what was wrong. With tears streaming down her face Em says, "Mommy I am so sorry. Please don't move out! We lost Alice in the crawl space." (yes I had established that if Alice was loose..I was moving out until she was found). My heart skips a beat. My hands start sweating. I cannot breathe. Panic doesn't not even begin to describe how I was feeling. First I assure Em that I am not moving out. Then I call my mom. She agrees that there is no way to find the snake but tells me she will come help me.
After talking to there was no way for him to come home and find the snake...I timidly begin to take boxes out of the front of the crawl space. I knew she was in the way back, but I am a big CHICKEN. Andrew is just watching telling me that Indiana Jones would find the snake. I assure him that Indiana Jones would be as scared as me in this situation.
I say a quick prayer..Please help me find this snake! Shortly afterward, the back light of the crawl space goes off. I call for the girls to come down and turn the light back on for me. (better them to go in instead of me) They do..and decide to get all their toys out. As they were turning around to crawl out, they notice Alice's tail. She was slithering (cringe) under some old construction boards and junk. I rush in and grab the end of her tail before she disappears. The girls quickly unburry her because I could not pull her out. (she is a strong snake). There is NO WAY I would have found her. It was a miracle.
I got a hold of Mom. She got to turn around and go home. I get to sleep tonight and my daughter gets to live another day. We all win.


amyg said...

I. Would. Have. Died!!!!!

Cynthia said...

YIKES!!!!! Seriously, Indy would have peed his pants. You, on the other hand, are like the Crocodile Hunter! Good job, Cath! Oh, and I looooooove the picture of you as a kid. :)

Lori said...

Is there anything that you can't do? I have to say, I thought that the first picture was of Andrew in a blonde wig. LOVE IT!

Scrappycook said...

I would have moved out until the snake was found!! You are very brave!

Aryn said...

1 - this was a very amusing, if horrifying, story. :)

2 - I'm jealous you and Cynthia were talking to each other. :(