Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Neglected to Mention

A few weeks ago Erik and Ry took a trip to the Oregon/ Washington area. They went to check on Grandma Glenda and visit the crew out there. I did not get to go...someone had to stay home, lose Alice and find her again. I do not know all the details from the trip. Here's what I know: Grandma is doing good now and the Erik/Ry combo had a great time playing games and visiting. While I was looking at the pictures taken I decided to reintroduce or introduce the gang.
Here is Joe, Grandma Glenda and Ry
This is Erik's dad Dan
Here is Grandma Joanne
Here is Erik's sister Lauri. She looks like she is about to take Erik down!
This is fun Aunt Mary..she's Dan's sister. FYI she sometimes still calls Erik "Ear Wig"
Looks like I missed one of Kent's BBQs. Booo! (That is Kent by the way)
I don't know who this is..she looks fun though.
Starting from the left corner: Cousin Sam with a nice big smile, Vaughn (Lauren's special friend), Ry, Cousin Lauren, Erik and our mystery friend
Not to be overlooked Gizmo Grandma Glenda's dog.
Now to the rest of the crew..yes you Grandpa Lee and you Larry...I congratulate your efforts of avoiding the camera. Enjoy it now. When I get out there you will not be so lucky.


Cynthia said...

Wow, Ryan is almost as tall as Grandma! That is cool. Erik's dad, like all dads it seems, looks exactly the same year after year. Looks like they had a fun trip!

Lori said...

Maybe your mystery friend's name is Deirdre...

Louise said...

I love that picture of Lauri! Good thing Erik had someone to keep him in order while out of your sight... you know what he's like... ;-)

Lauren said...

haha mystery friend is anna :]

you'll have to meet her sometime she is awesome!