Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I am enjoying the idea of summer right now since we are in the thick of a bitter cold winter. (This is probably in answer to Cynth's post today) I have been going through old pictures and found this one. It is from this past summer when we were lucky enough to go spend time with our Oregon/Washington family. . I love the kiss of sun on their faces and the blonde in their hair. Ah summer : )


Cynthia said...

Sorry, I feel like I'm rubbing the warm weather in your face. It's crazy cold out there! Time for a trip west! :) The picture is cute--I really do want to make it to Manzanita again someday. That was the best vacation ever.

Lauren said...

ah bird house painting :] fun times! haha I'll be seeing uncle erik and ry here soon. I'll miss you girls and our fellow dinosaur in the family :]