Friday, January 23, 2009

It's not the Rockies..but it is still fun

Yes, our state is the home of the show Little House on the Prairie. One would not think of the Prairie as a good place to ski. But I would beg to differ. We have some fun spots to get some experience on the slopes. At our elementary school the fourth graders all get to go skiing. Many of them had never skied before. So they were hooked up with ski lessons and then lift tickets. All the instructors were super patient and encouraging.
Ryan is in fourth grade....and today was his first time skiing. Ry is in the blue coat riding up the magic carpet...I was laughing because one of Ryan's troubles was keeping in control and his speeds down. At least he didn't take anyone out along the way...unlike his mother (different time, different story)Here they are figuring out how to put the skis on and walk with them.

This was Ry's first time going up the ski lift. After an afternoon of skiing, he was hooked. This is now his favorite winter sport. I cannot wait to take him again really soon.


Mark and Tara Christiansen said...

Wow, that look like a ton of fun. The only skiing we can do around here is water ski, but there is plenty of that.

Maren said...

You might want to put Ry in a bright orange coat in case he does end up taking after his mother :) I have had many a good laugh thinking of that other time other story!

Julie W said...

We live in the Rockies and I've yet to go skiing here. I'm too scared since I've only been a handful of times at Normandale and in Wisconsin. They don't take the kids on field trips to do fun winter sports here. I remember snowshoeing, cross country skiing and downhill skiing in elementary school.