Friday, January 2, 2009

Cousin visit

Hi everyone. This is Fiona. I was invited to spend some time at my cousins' house last night so that my parents could go see the movie Marley and Me.
I had a great time. I got to drive this cool steering wheel. I especially like the nice dog button feature. It made me happy. Dad's FIVE doesn't have that one. Of course his car does have doors and wheels.
Uncle Erik let me play his guitar.

Emily was a great help to me. She made sure I was happy and didn't fall backwards the entire evening.
I think this snow man followed me here. When I did get a little upset, Ry was able to hug me and help me feel better. I had a great time at my cousins' house. They had fun with me too. I cannot wait for my next visit.


Louise said...

Dear Fiona,
My goodness you're growing up so fast! Driving a car, playing guitar, writing blog posts... I am so glad you had such a nice time with your cousins. We are so happy to live nearby so you can play with them!
Love, Mummy

Cynthia said...

She is just adorable! How fun for you guys to live close enough to enjoy her for the evening! I wish I lived closer so you could entertain one (or all) of my kids for an evening! ;)