Monday, May 25, 2009

Escape to Wisconsin

We needed a get away. We got a get away. We are lucky enough to live near the family cabin. We had time off and wonderful weather so we took off to the cabin for a long weekend.
Of course I had my camera with me to capture some of our adventures. Over time the lake has changed, but the fun has remained the same. We LOVE the cabin.
The cabin faces onto the lake. These days our end of the lake has become very shallow. That does not stop us from enjoying it though.
One of our favorite things to do is explore the lake and see what we can find. There are many sand bars and areas to play. The kids like to name each one. Here Emily and Andrew are discovering "Warm Water" lake.
We also found a new Sand Island, Skeleton Island (be glad that I did not have my camera at this island..dead fish galore, Ry would not step foot on it), Mini Island and the Circle of Islands.
We also went kayaking.
Here's Andrew managing a kayak pretty well.
On this trip, Emily kept catching frogs.
Across the street (behind the cabin) is a mini-forest. This year we set up cans and got to try shooting a BB gun into the forest (complete safety was practiced and taught during this activity..and it only shoots plastic pellets).
Andrew actually knocked some cans down.
Emily shows her skills.
Ryan has great aim.

This last part of the cabin I will share today is one of our favorites:
the hammock. It is a great place to just sit and relax
or goof around.


Aryn said...

Great post - looks heavenly! You guys do such fun stuff.

Aryn said...

p.s. I can't get over that little 70's flower child Emily. She's got such a pretty, classic vibe. Get her modeling in a JCrew magazine, let her make some money for her hard-working parents! :)