Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ninja in training

Inside this seemly innocent child
Is a Little Ninja in training
His Ninja moves will bring justice to the world
He has already found his first mission
On the way to the park we saw a dead squirrel on the ground (yucky). Andrew told me that he was going to find whoever killed that squirrel and use his "ninja moves on them because that squirrel didn't do anything to them. Right?" It sort of reminds me of a certain other super hero...
Batman (in case you did not recognize the above Super Hero in ninja training)
Squirrels can now breathe a little easier knowing they have a Little Ninja watching over them.


Lori said...

Will you please let Andrew know that I haven't killed any squirrels, so he doesn't have to beat me down.

Maren said...

I can already sense a new calmness in the squirrels of my back yard. Thank you, Andrew. So cute!