Thursday, May 14, 2009


Today was a crazy day. We all had to be in a different place throughout the evening. Somehow it all worked. I am going to have to break it down...first we had the end of year school picnic.
That is always fun. We sat with friends and ate hot dogs and played around. It was a beautiful afternoon for it. We got to stay for exactly a half hour.
Then I had to run home and put the artichoke dip in the oven for recipe group this evening.
Then I ran up to Trevor's house to drop Ryan off. Tiffany was nice enough to take Ryan and Trevor to a VERY cool book signing. The Last Olympian (book 5 of the Percy Jackson series) has just been released and the author was in town tonight. Ryan has been waiting for this book for a LONG time (sort of like me and a certain other series).

Sadly I could not go with them...because I had recipe group...but they had a blast.
I love this picture. This is the moment they announced the author's name and he came onto the stage. Look at their expressions!
The author, Rick Riordan, talked about his next book project and going to see the filming of the first book in this series (The Lightening Thief). We will be there opening night. Can't wait!
Tiffany said there were about 450 people at the book signing. So while the boys waited for their chance to meet the author they happily read their new books.
They each got a chance to get their books signed and ask a question. Neither of them actually HAD a question...but they could have if they wanted to.

Thank you Tiffany for taking Ry with you guys. Thank you for overlooking the fun hair due that Ry is sporting. He had a blast.

After dropping off Ry, I ran home picked up Emily and my dip. We got to meet some friends at Dairy Queen and we all went to Recipe Group. I have to say that I think this group is so much fun. How can you go wrong? Food and friends. Perfect combination! I picked up a bunch of great appetizer ideas. Now I just have to find a party to go to that needs some yummy appetizers.

After Recipe Group, I raced home to watch kids so that Erik, Robert and Ben could hit Star Trek at the Imax. Here is exactly what I think of the movie. Only I did not write it. My dear Louise did...and she nailed it.
The guys are still there. I am just happy to have a picture of the new Capt. Kirk on my blog :)
In the mix of it all, Erik and Andrew had their own errand to run. Thank you David for helping them out (more on that later).


Louise said...

Wow, you're good! I can hardly manage to do one thing once a week with my one child!

As for those recipes... it just so happens that there's a party coming up... May 24th... feel free to test them out! ;-)

Cathy said...

I will have the appetizers covered!

Lori said...

I saw a picture of the picnic... does that mean your camera was found?

Cathy said...

YES!! Oh happy day. The book signing pictures were on my camera too. That means Erik is out of trouble.

Julie W said...

Wow. When do your kids get out of school? I remember those fun end of year picnics back in the day. The last week or two of school was one big party. Movies, picnics, parties, field day... I have heard of that series but haven't really looked into it. Book signings are cool. Please share some recipes. I loved Star Trek too. The new Kirk sure is nice to look at

Steeves Family said...

We had so much fun last night! Thanks Emily, Erin had a blast!