Sunday, May 17, 2009


I was going through the mail the other day when I came across:

Lauren's graduation announcement.

My little niece is graduating (why am I tearing up?)! I knew it was happening. I knew she was looking for schools and had already decided on one. I knew she was generally wrapping up her senior year in high school. I knew all that. But having the announcement in my hands made me really think about Lauren.
When Erik and I were first married, I was so excited to become an instant aunt. Lauren and I got along right away. In fact, it really didn't take her long to realize how much cooler I am than Erik!
Unfortunately, we have always lived far away from each other. Luckily, because of our trips to Oregon/Washington, I have gotten to spend lots of time with her and watch her grown up. When she was little we laughed, played dolls and read stories. Later when her family came out to visit, we hit the Mall of America by ourselves...not to shop, but to ride the rides. Love that!
We started a "going to a movie together" tradition which I am happy to report still lives on! I love visiting and spending time with her. I am excited to watch her and support her as she enters this new phase of life.
Thank you Lauren for being a great niece and wonderful cousin.


Cynthia said...

That is so sweet. I bet you are the best aunt ever. I remember her as a little girl at your wedding. It is amazing how fast they grow up.

Lauren said...

I love you too!! I assumed you woulndn't be making it out to my graduation party but I thought I'd send you one all the same :] And for sure, you are the best aunt ever!

p.s. thank you for all the GREAT pictures you have of me. I'm going to have to take those from you. forever :]