Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fun in the Sun

You might have guessed that we were back in the water today. Seriously all day...there were diving contests, floating around and a lot of jumping going on in the water. This time we brought our neighbor Erin with us. She lives a few houses away from us. She is a great friend that has been hangin' with us for years.
Erin brought her new pet baby rabbit named Rodeo. (Erin won this lovely pet while at a Rodeo in Oklahoma..lucky girl) This is the calmest most cuddly baby bunny I have ever seen. Of course everyone enjoyed meeting baby Rodeo.
Here you can see some of the fun action!
They probably jumped off that dock 100 times today. They preformed single, double and triple jumps.
There are fish in the lake. There are many fish in the lake. They think it is funny to sneak up on a swimmer, nibble and watch the funny human jump out of the way. Sometimes the fish will even get a scream. These fish also enjoy bits of bread for a treat. These fish are fun to catch with a net. "We" have mostly caught Sunnies with our net.

Here are Erin and Emily with two of the fish they caught today. Yes, these fish are still alive. They were quickly thrown back into the lake after their photo shoot. These guys will sleep well tonight : )
(sorry, I cannot get this picture to delete...enjoy it again)

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Lori said...

What is on Ryan's head? It looks like a very masculine bow :)