Friday, August 13, 2010

Let the fun begin

As I have mentioned, my parents recently moved to Apple Valley. Their house backs on Lac Lavon. This lake is on the top ten cleanest lakes in the twin cities. It is crazy clear and gets crazy deep fast (so the younger kiddos wear life jackets...just in case). We have been enjoying the lake. The lake gets to be 28 feet deep at my parents' part of the lake. I was told that this spot was once a quarry that finally filled in with water. I guess there are still large land moving machines at the bottom...thus the scuba divers practicing their diving here (something to look at). The kids have been jumping off the dock and the trampoline all week. It has been great fun.

Our other favorite things to do in this lake are snorkling and floating around (by the way Nico and Leo are here for a few weeks from Switzerland, they are in the video).

Now, I think we should try out the overnight option...because it is hard to get these guys to come in each evening. Maybe they should just stay....

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