Friday, August 13, 2010

Get away

We decided to go to the cabin for a quick get away.

A few years ago, my dad brought all the old Disney VHS tapes to the cabin. Andrew really has not seen a lot of the old Disney movies..and it has been years since Em and Ry had taken the time to watch them. We decided to watch one of my favorites...Right as the Beast dies (almost) Andrew turns to me upset and says.."Mom, why do you like these movies?" For all he knew, Beast was dead. I assured him and told him to keep watching. Emily thought human beast was ugly...I have to say that was my first reaction too. I guess we missed the "beauty from within" lesson.

The kids actually have spent quite a bit of time at the cabin this summer and FYI the hammock is the BEST place to read a good book. This trip we went prepared to enjoy.

Before we left, we stopped by Half-Priced bookstore and browsed the clearance section. Emily picked the first few books in the Series of Unfortunate Events series (we haven't read these and we have not seen the movie either) and Ryan choose four simple Goosebumps (he was in the mood for something easy and scary). Andrew picked out Diary of a Worm and The Best Father's Day Gift.

We also were able to buy the second Harry Potter book on tape to listen to in the car. That reader is so much fun to listen to! It made the drive go so fast.

Andrew, Emily and I did go on a kayak trip around the lake.
We went up stream and then down another channel. I love the sound of paddles in the water. Mom-I think it goes up there with the sound of kids jumping off the dock into water.

Andrew and I also had kayak races...I will let you guess who won every time ( was the same person who won Uno, Checkers, Memory and a crazy version of Upwards).


Julie W said...

Sounds so fun and relaxing. Jim Dale (Harry Potter) is so great. He does make a trip fly by.

Lori said...

I'm sorry, our invitation to the fun must have gotten lost in the mail :)