Monday, August 30, 2010

Some wildlife and a campout

A few weeks ago, we noticed that we share our address with some nightly visitors. They appear when the sun is completely down and sit on top of our porch lights to feast upon incredible amounts of bugs. It started with just one. It was a thin tree frog, but now it is big and fat. It now invites friends. There has been up to five froggies sitting on that light. Please ignore how intensely dirty the light fixture is...the frogs don't seem to mind though. Do you think we could get a wild life refuge tax break?

We also had our annual family backyard camp-out. The tent was set up, cushions were brought out, fire was lit and s'mores were made. This year as the kiddos fell asleep, I read them the chapter book, "The Ugly Princess and the Wise Fool." It is a really cute story about a princess who learns about true beauty and the importance of true wisdom. The kids joined me in the tent. Ashley joined me in the tent. But, somehow Erik never seemed to make it out to the tent..hummm.

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Scrappycook said...

I've had a TON of frogs lately. Every night as I read on the couch, I look over and a little green frog is clinging to my window. What's up with the frogs this year?