Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New School and Rides

We no longer have all elementary school students. This year Ryan starts middle school. Today was the middle school rally day. We got to go to the school and pick up his schedule, drop off emergency forms, find his locker, buy the school planner, buy the gym uniform, reserve a yearbook, have his school picture taken and buy a cool school sweatshirt (to celebrate). We really don't know what to expect this year or how this whole middle school thing works. We do really think it is going to be a great year. He is in house 61...really not completely sure what that means...but it is good information to know. Now we just get to look forward to school starting in a few weeks.
After rally day at school we met up with our visiting cousins at MOA. Andrew is now tall enough to ride the rides alone. So, we hit almost all the rides. Today I am going to highlight two of them. Andrew went on the Pepsi roller coaster for the first time today. It is now his second favorite ride (Danny Phantom is still #1). It is a fun ride because it wraps around the entire park. We get a great tour of all the rides. Plus it has some hills and turns that are fun to go ride.We also rode the new Brain Surge ride. The boys (minus Andrew) loved it. Em and me not so much. You are buckled in and then your chair rotates while the whole thing spins in a circle. The kicker is that you get to control how much your chair rotates. Ry was in charge of the spin. I ended up riding upside down for most of the ride. That equals headache.