Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Day 2

Hooray! Another day at our Apple Valley home. For the record, I was the first one out of bed this morning (not that it was early by any means). This morning the older two kiddos got to school, and Erik left for work. Andrew and I got ready to go back to the Y. This time to work. We got to play Memory and make valentine's together. It was great. We made it home for lunch and then Andrew was off to preschool. Again, I am on my own for awhile. Some of you may not know, but I teach the Sunbeams at church. They are the kiddos that are turning 4 this year. I took this chance to go to my friend's home and we worked on our lesson for this Sunday. We made sewing cards to keep them busy and interested this week. (we have 10 kiddos combined-and they have a lot of energy!!) We had a great time. When I checked the clock, I realized I had 10 minutes to meet the bus. Luckily I made it home just as they were getting off the bus. Ry had wii time. Emily (my child who thinks she ALWAYS has to be with a friend) got invited to go ice-skating with a friend. They agreed to pick up and drop off. I quickly said yes to that deal. I picked Andrew up from school and after some down time he mopped the kitchen floor. Then it was homework and off to scouts for Ryan. During scouts, my friend needed to run to Joanne's and I tagged along with her. Then it was home. Story time and bed. Good times, right? Anyone want to come visit?


Cynthia said...

Is that the same coat Erik had in college...? Such a guy. I've been through about 8 coats since then and I don't even live where it's cold! :)

Aryn said...

Love the play-by-play of your day, Cathy. And I've been to Joann's about 4 times this week. I feel closer to you somehow ;).