Thursday, February 7, 2008

Day 3

It was business as usual around here today. Off to school for Ryan and Emily, and work for Erik. After saying good-bye to Andrew, love that speech bus, I started my last chance work out. I then got myself to weight watchers and had my fun weigh in. I dropped 4 pounds. Hooray! They all clapped for me. On my way home, I picked up my neighbor McKenzie. In case you hadn't noticed, laundry has taken over my house. McKenzie and I folded laundry and played and folded laundry and played some more. We also got Andrew to preschool and picked up Ry for Mad Science class. After playdates for Emily and Ryan, we met some friends for a fun Chinese buffet (it is Chinese New Year). After buffet, Erik put the kiddos to bed and watched a movie with Robert. I ran around getting ready for a baby shower that I am having for Louise this Saturday. I then got the party favors done. Now I am off to dreamland. Oh, I don't know why it is all underlined. I will try to fix it tomorrow. Night Night.

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