Friday, February 8, 2008

Day 4

All week my camera has been flashing a red battery sign at me. I guess I didn't believe it, because I didn't buy any batteries. Well, today my camera would only turn on and say "change batteries" and then turn off. No pictures. Luckily there really wasn't much to look at today. I went to the Y with Andrew this morning. He struggled today, so I got sent home early. I was not sure what was up with the kiddo so I canceled his play date and started a movie in my room for him. We sat there together and watched Rescue Heroes DVDs all afternoon. We had a few Popsicles too. Then Ryan came home and we watched Spiderman cartoons. (Emily went to a friend's house and then they took her to dance class-seriously the girl is rarely home) Needless to say I fell asleep. I had a great nap. Erik got home around 6:10. He picked up Emily from dance class. They all had a movie night (Veggie Tales and some Gummie Bear Cartoons), and I ran around doing last minute things for the shower tomorrow. It is funny that even at 11:00 pm I still run into people from my ward at CUB. You would think that for that reason alone, I would learn not to go grocery shopping in my pajamas. Oh well. I did buy batteries, this is going to be a busy weekend...lots to report! (If you are getting sick of this play by play..fear not the daily blog insanity will be over soon and it will be back to regular blogs again. If you need a cliff hanger..the bishop wants to meet with me after church on Sunday. Scary! I wonder what he knows..j/k! )

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