Sunday, February 10, 2008

The weekend

This weekend went by so fast!! For me it can be broken down into three bloggable events. Do you like the new word I just made up? We had a baby shower for Louise. It was great. Yummy foods, just enough annoying shower games, presents and then yummy food again. Louise's mother is in town from Scotland, so we decided this would be a great weekend to celebrate baby Hamer. I guess they don't have the "baby shower" tradition over in Scotland. They are so missing out over there! Any reason to get together and eat is cool in my book. We also had a game night with our good friends. Tiffany had sugar cookies that Emily went crazy decorating. I cannot stop eating them! My big news is that I played Rummikub and actually laid down tiles on my own. I have only played it once before with Cynthia on the Oregon coast. I think all I did that game was draw tiles. Watch out Cynth, I am in Rummikub training now! Also this weekend, Emily had another dance show. This time at a Timberwolves game at the Target Center. They did such a great job. I had so much fun watching her. She really loves to dance. If they recast the movie, "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" she could be a the Sarah Jessica Parker role. If you haven't seen that it. It is a big part of my childhood memories with Amy. Good times! Also on a side Sunbeam lesson went well. I had only one kiddo show up..everyone else was sick. Also nothing to report with the bishop..just a checking in appointment. I am still the Sunbeams teacher. I know you were all wondering. : )


Aryn said...

Just checking in, huh? So he still doesn't know about that bank you robbed? Looks like you threw a great party... sounds like a lovely weekend!

Anonymous said...


I've been meaning to say for a while that I thought your project of blogging your daily schedule for a week was really inspired. Thanks for sharing with us!