Thursday, May 22, 2008

Jackson Street Roundhouse

I got to go to the Jackson Street Roundhouse with Andrew's preschool class. They had a "come board with Jesus" theme that ended at the roundhouse. As you can see, I like to have my kiddo standout in a crowd. I looked and looked for that preschool shirt and obviously did not find it. You know it is going to be found today in some laundry pile! (yes I have many) Anyway, we got to go inside train cars and even have a caboose ride.
Here is Andrew and his friend enjoying a train engine made to play on. The kiddos really liked this field trip and so did the adults. It was a 100+ old roundhouse that has turned into a train museum right in St. Paul. It was funny to hear all the adults say that they never knew that it was there and how we all want to go back soon.
We each got to bring a bag lunch eat it in a dining car. For some reason every time I tried to take a picture of Andrew during lunch he started a chicken dance thing. He did have nice chicken form though..
But I got him when he wasn't looking!
While we were waiting to get back on the buses, they got to play with a bunch of train tables. It was great. To think I almost skipped this trip to sit and watch Little House reruns. Now that would have been a mistake!

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