Monday, May 26, 2008

Why here..part 2 the path

When we were looking at this house one thing that caught our eye was the backyard. Not only the backyard, but the great walking path. This path has been a great place for kiddos to ride their scooters, Rollerblades, bikes or trucks. Whatever their little hearts can find. It is a happy day in early Spring when the path is clear. I can officially send people out to the path to play. Boy have they played. They have spent hours riding up and down that path trying to get faster and faster. It seems on any given day that I am outnumbered by kiddos. One day I decided to take the camera and try to catch some of the fun. On this day we had neighbor Sam and neighbor Erin over. They also live along the path. We also had Jade, Adriana and Alexis over. Marcy came out with Trent too.
Here are the boys Ryan and Sam.
Adriana gets going fast down the hill

Andrew is off to catch some bad guys or get the Jedi with his sword
Looks like Erin is going to get away. Andrew is not going to give up though.
Emily and Alexis decide to stop and make a wish..yes there are plenty of wishes to be had back here.
We were having such a fun time that we decided to cross the street and hit the park. I know I have already shown park pictures, but here are a few more. I haven't been able to scrapbook in about 9 this is it for us.
The girls..Erin, Jade, Emily and Adriana
The boys Sam and Ryan
Here are Lexi and Andrew. By now Andrew had about an inch of dirt all over his face, clothes, feet and a bloody I am keeping the picture zoomed out.

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