Saturday, May 10, 2008

Why here?

I thought it would be fun to every now and then have a blog about why I live here in good old Apple Valley. Its main purpose might be for ME to read during those February and March months when I continually ask myself, "why I am here in this frozen wonderland?" So bare with me for this self discovery. If along the way, you want to also live here and be my neighbor I would be happy.

I have to start simple. Five years ago, we were expecting Andrew and decided that we needed another bedroom and some extra room. It is that third child that makes you move and get the mini-van. We found this home here in Apple Valley and decided to take a look. I will say right now that I really did NOT want to move to Apple Valley. I liked my old stomping grounds in Eagan..but I agreed to at least look at this home. The home itself was old and needed LOTS of work. But when I walked around and saw the great park across the street and the trees, I knew it was the best place for us to be.

Last Monday we decided to go to the park. It is something we do a lot. (If you look up the path you can see part of our humble abode)
We searched for rocks and threw them into the water. There has been lots of construction, so the grass is gone around the path and pond right now. We then hit the playground.

Andrew has always loved this handle scoot across know what I am talking about.
One day Ry and Em will find that buried treasure..or China. Whichever comes first.
This is Courtney. She spends most Monday evenings with our family and my dear neighbor Becky. This Monday she came to the park with us and had a blast. I think I did traumatize her on the swings though. Sorry Stacey! I am a crazy swing pusher : )

Here are fun neighbors Becky and McKenzie. They live around the corner from us. Whenever Emily says she wants a baby sister I tell her she has a McKenzie instead.
So that is one reason we live where we live. I guess I could have just said, "the park across the street." But, this was so much more fun right?


amyg said...

Soooo cute. Must be nice to live in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. I should copy you and catalog the reasons why I love Arizona so in November when it is still 90* out I can think positively. your family is too cute!

MBWhite said...

Thanks for including us in your blog!! You guys are the best neighbors EVER!! Don't EVER move.
The Whites

The Minnesota Preators said...

Your kids are growing up so fast! I love seeing pictures of them. Check out my blog when you get a chance...I tagged you!