Thursday, August 21, 2008

Andrew's's still June right?

I don't know what happened to this summer. One second we are counting down the days until summer break starts and the next it is almost time for school to start again. Guess who had a birthday somewhere in there. "The kid." We just had his party today. For one split second he thought he was already turning 6 (because he has been five for awhile now)...but no he is 5. A funny, quirky, talkative, tough five year old. This kid seriously makes people laugh and we all love him. We are lucky enough to have family close by who we can call and in a second are over for festivities. We are also lucky to have friends that count as family close by that we can call and in a second they are over for festivities.

We broke the kids into a boys team and a girls team and played "Olympic games."
The teams each made up a name and decorated a t-shirt.
The boys are modeling their super tough team shirts
Here is one of the events. Towel beach ball volleyball. It worked-sort-of. We also threw water balloon shot put, passed eggs with spoons (no they were not hard boiled) and ran around cones with webkinz on our heads. You know, the typical stuff you see from the Olympics.
Andrew LIVES for Cheetos. Thanks to Adriana and Alexis his tummy is going to be happy for a long time...and his fingers with be orange for even longer. Andrew loved opening the presents...and this one was much anticipated :)
Even baby Fiona made an appearance...yeah for cousins! I think everyone had a good time..and that Andrew was happy. That is what was important. Also, I am done with that party for another year. Hooray.

Someone else had a birthday this summer too. No Erik, I am not talking about you..Her fun party is tomorrow night. Eight girls over for a tie-dye sleep

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Lauren said...

Joe has cheato syndrome as well... Looks like an awesome party :]