Friday, August 1, 2008

Mt. St. Helen's and Lauri's house

We got to Washington and jumped right into fun adventures. Before going to Grandma's house we stopped by in Seattle Washington. We went over to Pike's Marketplace. We saw the live cray fish and ordered some yummy smoked salmon for the coast. Boy that place was smelly. We then had dinner at Mamma's Cafe. A great Mexican restaurant. From Grandma's house, we can see Mt. St. Helen's and have been very curious about it. The kids always ask questions. Sadly, we could not answer them, so we took them up to the visitor's center and we got all the questions and more answered. The visitors center showed a really great film that explained the 1980 eruption. After the film, they raised the curtains, and we got to see a beautiful view of the volcano. Last night we went over to Lauri's house to jump on the trampoline and play some basketball. So far a fun trip...this afternoon we are off to the coast! (Don't forget you can drag your mouse over the pictures in the slide show for a caption explaining the picture)

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