Sunday, August 3, 2008

Tide Pools and Seaside

I know it is a cheesy mom moment..but three star fish for three kiddos..I guess the sea anmenity is Erik.

We bought a tide book yesterday and realized that today was the best day for the tide pools. This is one of my favorite little trips we take while at the coast. Lauren, Sam, Vaughn (Lauren's boyfriend) and our household went to see what we could find. We definately were not disappointed. Star fish, sea anmenities (however you spell it),hermit crabs and other sea life were everywhere. It was fun to climb around on the rocks and explore caves. Ryan decided he wanted to be an explorer when he grows up...sort of a real-life Indiana Jones. Andrew got cold..but enjoyed riding on Erik's shoulders.

Emily is never far from Lauren's side. I hope Vaughn doesn't mind sharing her.

Here are Sam, Lauren and Vaughn. Seriously, these guys are so fun to hang out with..they are starting to understand what it means to go somewhere with a person with a camera stuck in her hand at ALL times.

I am adding this picture because I think it is such a great group of people..and everytime I leave the tide pools I end up with cute pictures of people leaving the tide pools.

We hit Seaside today too. Seaside is another town up the 101. It is bigger town, and a great place to hang out for an afternoon. Emily got to get her ears pierced today.She thought it would be fun to have Lauren there to support her..she didn't know that the whole tide pool group would go and support her too. It was fabulous. She did great. No tears.

She looks so pretty with her new ear-rings. She choose a small blue stone..the March birthstone. I cannot remember which one that is right now. We also got ice-cream and stopped by the local arcade for some ski-ball.

The day is young I am off to read my book on the beach. I have to figure out what is going to happen to poor Belle, Edward and Jacob...if you are not reading Breaking Dawn ignore that last comment and if you know don't tell me.

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Cynthia said...

I think I have the *best* picture of people leaving the tidepools... :) Congrats to Em on the pierced ears--that is a big step!