Thursday, December 18, 2008

Funny Thankful Kid

Ryan loves presents and it is no secret that it is really fun to give presents to Ryan. He always gives huge, sincere reactions. (let me add here that he did not get that from me..I am the most awkward present opener!) Let me give you some examples of the Ry opening presents. When he was younger any time he opened anything, he would pretend faint because he was so happy. Last year "Santa" gave him a video game that he thought you could not get anymore. He sincerely started crying because he has so happy about it. Today is the perfect example of Ryan's complete thankfulness. The kids come in the door. Right away, Ryan yells, "The bus driver gave us all presents." Ry then opens it and finds a cute Christmas straw. It was really nice of the bus driver.
I am not kidding..for 15 minutes straight he has been going off about this great straw.
"Now I am having the greatest day. I thought it was going to be bad because our class didn't get Oreo cookies."
"This is so much better than a candy cane because it lasts forever."
"It is so funny because I so happen to be thirsty." Takes a drink. "This straw makes the water taste so much better."
"I am going to bring this straw with me to restaurants to use instead of the ones they have there."
I tell him that I am going to take his picture with the straw. "That is such a great idea. Make sure to get the candy canes on it."
"I am so glad you are going to blog about this great straw."
I think he is still holding the straw. I cannot wait to see this guy on Christmas morning.


Lori said...

LOVE IT! I could totally hear him saying all of the quotes on your blog.

Cynthia said...

What a sweet kid! It makes me want to give him a present just to see the reaction.

Lauren said...

Haha!! I seriously was laughing so hard.. I made my family come over and read it..

that sounds so much like Ryan... latch on to something and never let it go :]

amyg said...

How did you do it, Cath?! I would give anything for grateful children. Really. ANYTHING.

Scrappycook said...

What a sweet kid!

Aryn said...

I laughed all the way through this... and I've never even met him. What a sweetheart.