Friday, December 26, 2008

Great Christmas

I hope you all had a great Christmas. We have been surrounded by family and friends. Just the way it should be, right? On Christmas Eve we went to my parents' house and had a feast and fun. The food was delicious. Last year we started a new tradition. We had a family talent show. It happened again this year. We had somersaults (Andrew), recorders(Ryan and Emily), jokes(Louise), poems(Laurie), magic(Grandpa Bill) and singing(Ben) and songs(Grandma Ginger). Yes, Aunt Edna (Erik and me) showed up and ate some pudding. I am related to some crazy talented people. (check back for pictures)

Christmas Morning
Santa comes..and we have some happy kiddos. Emily is carefully listening to the plan of attack on opening presents. I was awaken by sounds of organizing presents. The presents were already in piles by the time I made it to the scene.
They got new PJs Christmas Eve night.
Excitement was in the air. Ryan was thought it was neat to open presents in new comfy pajamas. Can you guess what Santa brought Andrew? Santa shops Craig's List
Emily was found playing her new games
Family showed up Christmas afternoon.
We had a family gift exchange
This was Fiona's first Christmas.
Baby also got new soft chewable blocks...yummy

This is the second year that we have taken the kids to the dollar store, give them a shopping cart and let them pick out presents for each family member. It gets them thinking about the family, practice independently choosing gifts for others, and a chance feel good about giving gifts. (we stole this idea from friends) I have gotten a kick out of what they find.
Ry found these great teeth for Grandpa.
Andrew chose a heart shaped night light for Fiona..and called it a "Love Light"
Other fun gifts given...a whoopi cushion for Grandma Ginger and lots of the squishy stress balls.

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Louise said...

This has been such a fun Holiday so far! I put some videos of Ryan and Emily performing their talents on Flickr in "2008-12" (and Aunt Edna of course). I was really impressed with the recorder skills!