Wednesday, December 31, 2008


My sister Laurie is in town for the holidays. We thought it would be fun to have a ladies lunch. It is great spend time with fun family. We decided to go Houlihans. While eating we decided that Owen Wilson could be my boyfriend. I think that Hugh Jackman is Laurie's. You can all fight her for him. We also got on the topic of new year's resolutions. I am resolutionless. There are is a ton of things for me to work on...patience, house cleaning, weight loss. You know all the regular stuff. I am constantly at least trying to improve on those things. I want to think of something fun...something about not loosing perspective on life..and then in turn being a kinder happier person. I know that is too vague to be a real resolution. I am working on it. What are your goals? How is life going to get better in 2009?


Lori said...
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Aryn said...

What cute girls! I am sort of with you on resolutions.... mine don't ever seem to change, so I'm considering mixing it up and going with something along the lines of making sure I have at least one bite of chocolate every single day of 2009... :) Love the family picture, btw!