Sunday, July 26, 2009


The kids are back from camp. This experience was amazing. As you can see from the shirts the theme for this year was bats. They focused on bats. Fun creative choice. The big project for the camp was to build a bat house to hang at the cabin.
Ryan is sporting the T-shirt from last year as he works hard on the bat house.
I didn't know that there were screens in the bat house. Em has informed me that the bats hang on to it. Clever.
We want bats at the cabin so they will eat the bugs. Great idea!
Of course, no bat house can go unpainted and unprotected from the weather. We want our bat neighbors happy.
I love this picture. I cannot wait to meet our new bat neighbors : )
Of course the camp crafts involved bats too. Aren't these bats cute?
The campers had an outing to the Crystal Caves. The cave is really near the cabin. Bats like to live in was a perfect choice for camper exploration.
After you tour the cave, you can pan for gems. It is really fun to uncover the gems and see what you find.

There are some activities that they do every year at the camp:
The time capsule:
They each enclose a picture of themselves and a message. Last year Ryan wrote to the 2009 Ryan to remember that he is the luckiest kid because he gets to go to Kid's Camp. This year they wrote about their camp experiences.

Lake fun:
They explored
and played all over the lake.

The treasure hunt:
They have to figure out the clues.
They have to work together.
To find a the "treasure."

As always the hammock is a favorite place to hang out.
So is the swing set.

There was also the a scavenger hunt and closing ceremonies. Each camper gets a certificate. This year Ryan was honored for over coming his fear of fish. Em was honored for being an assistant camp counselor and Andrew was honored for being a great camper.
Now do you see why these kids love Kid's Camp?


Lori said...

Forget about my girls, I want to go to Kid's Camp... I'm someone's kid.

Julie W said...

That's so cool. You're parents are creative and awesome.

The Minnesota Preators said...

What amazing Grandparents!!! They are very lucky kids

Jean said...

What terrific grandparents! I love the activities and the creative ideas from Bill and Ginger. I would also like to know who washed the windows at the cabin? They sparkle in the photos.

JS said...
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Erekson's said...

This looks awesome! Can we get in on it too?