Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fifth Grade band!

As the school year was wrapping up, Ryan got the chance to decide if he wanted to participate in fifth grade band next year. Without question, his answer was "yes!"
We were very careful about the instrument selection. We wanted to find an instrument that Ryan would want to play. One that he would be successful with and MOST IMPORTANTLY one that we wanted to listen to as he practiced. Erik and Ryan went on You Tube. They listened to MANY different options. Ryan decided the sax was the one for him. I am excited for him.

We went on good old Craig's list and found a good sax for him. His lessons started this week. So far (day 3), life is good for Ryan and is Sax. He has learned how to use the sax and three notes. We are ready for the song "Hot Cross Buns."


Lori said...

Did you get something to remind you about the first day of practice? I have no idea when Adriana starts her lessons?

Cathy said...

They gave us schedule on the day we went to the school to register for band.

Maren said...

I have just been catching up on your blog. I have been behind in my reading. It sounds like you are doing so much, as usual. How do you keep up with it all, seriously?
I am still laughing about going to the movies without pants - that kid is hilarious.

Good luck with the sax, Ryan!