Saturday, July 25, 2009


Call my kids my parents me lucky! Why so much luck in this neck of the woods? Two words: Grandkids Camp! It is the wonderful time when my parents take the older grandkids (I hear Fiona is going next year..hooray) to the cabin with T-shirts and planned camp activities.

Bye grandpa, Luis and Ryan
My kids love it. They been looking forward to it all year. The kids are lucky that the grandparents want put this together each year. They are lucky to have grandparents who genuinely love spending time with their grandkids. My parents are lucky to have these kids in one place and have great relationships with each child. Time with grandkids without parents around is precious (for everyone).
Bye Andrew and Leo.
I really don't think I need to explain why I am lucky. I think the quiet house, sleeping in, time with friends and family sans kids and the laundry I got done all speak for me.
Have fun Emily and Nico.
Good luck Mom!


Scrappycook said...

What a wonderful idea for a camp! I wish we had grandparents nearby!

Louise said...

I. Can't. Wait.


Lori said...

We are pretty much like family... I love Grandma Ginger. Maybe my girls can join next year with Fiona ;)

MECDaddy said...

Wow, How can i get adopted?

asauser said...

What a great camp idea! Sounds like a great camp!